Creep(s) Steal $14,500 in Game Merchandise from Spokane Valley Business

A Spokane Valley, Washington area hang-out for teens was forced close after $14,500 worth of consoles, controllers, video games, petty cash, and other miscellaneous goods were stolen earlier this week. The business called Game On was burglarized on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, according to Spokane Valley Police. The burglar(s) apparently found a way into one of the establishment's windows. Local teens frequented the hang out because it provided them with a place to play games, take part in game tournaments, watch movies with friends, and more.

According to police the items stolen included eight 250 GB Xbox 360 consoles, eight wireless Xbox 360 controllers, eight wired Xbox 360 controllers, 150 Xbox 360 games, one Xbox 360 250 external hard drive, one Xbox 360 120 GB external hard drive,  one Belkin N150 wireless router, a Toshiba laptop, 100 Blu-Ray movies, and $200 in cash. Thieves didn't manage to steal the flat-screen television sets in Game On, but police believe they left in a hurry because they were spooked by something. They came to this conclusion because the thieves cut the wires from televisions instead of simply unhooking them.

"We were already struggling to keep our doors open as it was. This, this is devastating," owner Sabrina Hartley told a local news station. "Until we get things figured out and squared away, we close our doors. We have no way of doing business right now."

"Honestly, the worst part of the whole thing is that (police) think it was somebody who's been in here before, somebody I've talked to, somebody I've been nice to," Hartley added. "It just makes me think, how stripped of your moral values can you be for something like that?"

Hartley says that she is working with her insurance company to get Game On the money it needs to re-open.

Spokane Valley Police are asking the public to assist with their investigation and Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward. Anyone with information regarding this burglary should call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-222-TIPS, or should forward the tip via the Internet website

Source: NBC KHQ 6

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