GAME’s Options Moving Forward

MCV writer Christopher Dring runs down the list of companies that might be able to pull troubled UK games retailer GAME out of its financial troubles. The names thrown around in his article include private investment firm OpCapita, US-based retailer Walmart, US-based games retailer GameStop, and retail restructuring firm Hilco. Along with listing all the reasons these companies might have an interest in buying GAME, the article lists all the reasons what harm such deals could do to the retailer.

For example, Walmart might buy the retail chain to expand its Asda stores in regions where GAME has stores, but it might have to close a number of them – particularly in areas where GAME has more than one store. GameStop might buy GAME to give it a stronger store presence in the UK and Spain, but the company doesn't want the stores in Australia or France. OpCapita might invest in or buy GAME because it believes in specialty game retailers and the used games business, but the firm might want sweeping cuts and it would want to buy the company's debt in exchange for a lot of equity.

You can read the entire article here. Hopefully GAME has a number of other options that the press and public are unaware of.

Thanks to beemoh for the tip.

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