Quantic Dream CEO: UK Tax Relief Saved UK Game Development Community

Paris, France-based game development studio Quantic Dream is thankful for yesterday’s announcement that the United Kingdom will offers its development community much-needed tax relief. Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière went so far as to say that the UK games industry was facing a "tangible risk of collapsing" if the government hadn't intervened. de Fondaumière, who is also the chairman of the European Game Developers Federation, hopes that this will cause other governments in Europe to follow the UK's lead.

"Representing roughly 40 percent of Europe's development sector, the UK is Europe's main hub for video game creation," said de Fondaumière. "If you consider the pace at which studios were closing down and talents relocating outside of Europe in the past few years, I think it is not exaggerated to say the UK games sector was facing a tangible risk of collapsing."

He went on to say that, because the UK is so important to the industry in Europe, a collapse there would have caused a collapse everywhere else on the continent.

"I'm convinced that other EU countries will now follow the move, creating a true dynamic that will propel Europe back," he added.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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