GameStop Signs Digital Distribution Deal with Blizzard

GameStop is banking on a new deal with Blizzard that it hopes will shore up its digital sales over the next several years. The deal will see GameStop offer customers the ability to buy games and digital goods for Blizzard games in the retailer’s stores in the U.S. and other regions. Diablo III, coming May 15, will be the first game sold via download codes in the stores.

"Console digital grew at over 64 percent as GameStop created a unique technology to bring consumers' launch day downloads and opportunities for added content," said J. Paul Raines, chief executive officer for GameStop. "A testament to our strength in this area is that two-thirds of the one million Call of Duty Elite digital subscriptions sold in the first week were sold by GameStop."

GameStop sees this deal as an important one after enriching itself on the massive digital sales of the Call of Duty Elite digital subscription service from Activision. GameStop estimates that global digital sales will hit $39 billion by 2014 and it hopes to pull in $1.5 billion of those digital sales by 2014.

Source: Seeking Alpha by way of VOX Games

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