Mode 7 Changes Ending to Frozen Synapse Temporarily

Developer Mode 7 decided to change the ending of its game Frozen Synapse today (temporarily) to make a statement on BioWare's decision to give in to the gaming community demanding a change to the ending of Mass Effect 3. The new ending, which will be around for a week, adds some crazy fan suggestions including a pony and a dinosaur.

The new ending offers fans the following line, among others:

"This is the ending to a computer game. We don't care if you like it."

Mode 7's Paul Taylor goes on to say that their new ending is not a criticism of BioWare's words or actions related to the fervor over Mass Effect 3's ending.

"This is not a criticism of BioWare or anything they have said / done," says Mode 7's Paul Taylor, explaining the new bizarre ending. "It is an experiment: I wanted to know how this felt. Honestly, it felt like vandalising my own work, which was interesting."

Find out more about it and see a video filled with spoilers here.

Source: Kotaku by way of a tip from Andrew Eisen.

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