NASA Helped with Angry Birds Space

March 23, 2012 -

Here's a little fact I did not know until I read this Information Week article: Rovio's Angry Birds Space was designed with the help of NASA. Angry Birds Space was developed in collaboration with NASA through a Space Act Agreement. Why would NASA team up with Rovio on an Angry Birds game? Because it saw an opportunity to educate kids about space, science, and the laws of physics.

"It's a great way to demonstrate how we can use trajectories to get from one place to another," said Joe Pascucci, the Space Station's trajectory operations officer, tells The Wall Street Journal. "It's a really good example of how interplanetary probes can take gravity assists from other planets."

NASA hopes that Angry Birds Space will excite kids to take more of an interest in math, physics, and engineering careers. Admittedly, launching birds into space at green pigs only goes so far in educating kids about science, but it can be a good starting point in teaching them about some basic concepts.

Source: Information Week


Re: NASA Helped with Angry Birds Space

At least NASA is doing something with space ever since Obama has took over Obama has changed NASA's goal from space as a arm of the Government to reach out to the Muslim world.....

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