Report: Zynga Games on Your Xbox 360 a Possibility

In a recent interview with GigaOM Zynga CEO Mark Pincus hinted that some Zynga properties might be playable on the Xbox 360. Pincus said that his company is working on developing cloud support for several platforms including the Xbox 360. Earlier in the week it was also revealed that, for the first time, Zynga would have a major presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"Right now we are building back-end technology, so that your game state can be saved and served up in difference screens/devices," Pincus said. "The interaction cues will take from the different devices. In other words, you can play a game on a computer and call it up on Xbox and you resume from the point you left off, except the game play will now be customized for the Xbox controller."

While he makes it sound like you'll be able to play Words with Friends, CityVille and other games on the Xbox 360, it sounds like this technology is still in its early design stages and he's not quite ready to make any official proclamation on it. The reason we mentioned E3 earlier is because that would be as good a place as any to announce such dramatic technology. We'll keep you posted.

Source: MCV

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