Retake Mass Effect Campaign Suspends Child’s Play Charity Drive

Update: A post over at Penny Arcade explains why Child's Play wanted the charity dis-associated from the movement. Apparently some people donating to it thought they were paying for BioWare to change the ending of the game. This is a pretty good reason for them to be forceful about the campaign being shut down.

Original Story:The "Retake Mass Effect Campaign," a movement to get BioWare to change the ending of its Mass Effect 3, has suspended its Child's Play charity drive via ChipIn after the charity asked them to shut it down. Despite its end, the charity tied to the group complaining about the ending to Mass Effect 3 managed to raise an impressive $80,080.

Even though that happened, the group has a double moral victory after BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka acknowledged yesterday that his company has listened to public complaints about the ending and promised to do "something" to appease those fans that were so upset about it.

The campaign's organizer – known only as Robb – said that, while he welcomes BioWare's acknowledgements, the fight isn't over yet.

"Retake Mass Effect is not over by any means; Dr. Myzuka's statement was welcome, but did not directly address our concerns. You have been heard. Now it is time to make sure they get the details right."

Finally, he explains why he decided to end the ChipIn campaign:

"I have been in contact with a manager at Child's Play," says Robb. "First, he wanted to stress how grateful they were for our efforts here, and the huge impact it will have in helping the charity. However, he pointed out that several sources are incorrectly assuming a link between the charity and the petition, or outright support of the petition by the charity. This has been the source of some difficulty for them, and it has been requested that we wind this effort down."

Personally I don't think anyone with a scintilla of common sense would somehow assume that Child's Play supports a cause outside the group's mission statement: to help sick kids by providing them with toys and games to play while they recover in the hospital..

You can read Robb's entire statement here.

Source: Edge

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    Cavalier says:

    I'd just like to contrast the statement: "I don't think anyone with a scintilla of common sense" and the hysteria that this topic brings up on say, the BioWare forums.

    I doubt "a scintilla of common sense" is as common there as you seem to think. /grin

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    Falcon4196 says:

    They stop because Jerry over at Penny Arcade asked them to.  Some people got confused about where the money was going and started asking Pay Pal to give them refunds.  The Child's Play people were concerned about getting caught up in whatever controversy might crop up over this.  Jerry wrote "Child’s Play cannot be a tool to draw attention to a cause.  Child’s Play must be the Cause."  They don't want they integrity and reputation of their charity wrapped up in anyone else's issues, which is a legitimate concern.

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    black manta says:

    They only stopped because they essentially got what they wanted.  But as I figured, even worse was that when they did, it apparently still wasn't enough.

    Even though many are saying Bioware caved, if you read Dr. Muzyka's statement carefully, you'll see they actually didn't.  I'm still disappointed somewhat that they let themselves be bullied to this extent.  Dr. Muzyka was very tactful and noncommittal in his response, and he's always been a class act in every interview with him that I've read and seen.  But at this point, I wouldn't hold it against him if he just said what he felt and told the fanboys to fuck off.  Because that's what I would be doing right now.

    I'm ready to totally write-off the nerd/geek culture at this point.  Between this and the reaction to Michael Bay's statements about TMNT, I'm both disgusted and embarrassed.  We can, and should, be better than this.  And there are real evils in this world to be addressed.  But both the reactions to both incidents to me have been totally blown out of proportion in relation what actually happened or may or may not happen, it looks like they've lost all sense of perspective, and they need to get their priorities straight.

    They probably also stopped when Tycho expressed misgivings about having Child's Play used this way on the PA website, and that it would set a disturbing precedent.  As he said, "Child's Play cannot be a tool to draw attention to a cause.  Child's Play must be the Cause."

  4. 0
    black manta says:

    Just because I actually don't mind what's going on with TMNT?  Excuse me for having a sense of perspective.

    But hey, I wouldn't mind being in the jock's pool.  At least that means I'll get laid more often!

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