Kim Dotcom: U.S. Military Had 15,634 Accounts on Megaupload

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom claims that the United States Military had 15,634 accounts on its file sharing and storage services prior to the U.S. government taking down the site and having its founders arrested in various countries.

Speaking at length with TorrentFreak, he provided the site with a bunch of information about the U.S. government's use of the server. It seems odd that the U.S. government would have so many accounts on a service whose sole purpose (according to those going up against it) was to infringe on other people's copyrighted works.

The data released to TorrentFreak also reveals that various U.S. government agencies has accounts at the site. Domains including,,,,,,, and has accounts totaling 1058. Around 344 users of those accounts paid for premium access.

A total of 15,634 accounts from military domains –,,, and were also recorded. Of these 10,223 people paid for a premium Megaupload account. These accounts uploaded 340,983 files or 96,507,779 MB.

TorrentFreak and Dotcom do not allege at all that these accounts engaged in infringement activity, but it does point to the fact that the site had more of a purpose than being a hub for file-sharing. It is certainly something that the U.S. government is going to have to address in court at some point…

Source: TorrentFreak

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