Minecraft: 25 Million Downloads, $80 Million in Revenue

Mojang's ultra popular sandbox action building game, Minecraft has been downloaded 25 million times. Of those downloads, about 5 million were eventually converted to the full registered game, according to a report in The Financial Times. Through game sales and merchandising developer Mojang has managed to rake in $80 million. That's pretty impressive for a privately held company. A small portion of that money ($1 million according to VentureBeat) comes from merchandizing deals with companies such as Think Geek, Jinx, and Happy Socks.

Minecraft is available on various platform including Windows, iOS, and Android. An Xbox Live Arcade version is coming in May, which should add even more cash to Mojang's war chest. Lego is planning on putting out a Minecraft-flavored building set soon as well. The company has also had offers from Hollywood to do various projects but has thus far declined, saying only that it would consider doing something if it was the right idea with the right people.

Carl Manneh, Mojang’s managing director, says, “The core mechanic is very similar to Lego – the simplicity of placing and removing blocks and you can do whatever your imagination tells you to do. That’s the strength. The side effect is that when you build something, you have the urge to show it off to someone.” There are over four million YouTube videos and podcasts of gamers doing just that.

Source: VentureBeat

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