Snuggle Truck Added to Humble Bundle for Android 2

The pay-what-you-want DRM-free bundle Humble Bundle for Android 2 has added Snuggle Truck into the mix today. If the name sound vaguely familiar, that's because it used to be called "Smuggle Truck," and was a game about smuggling immigrants across the border. The company that made it (Owlchemy Labs) called it "immigration satire" but not everyone got the joke they were trying to tell… Snuggle Truck replaces immigrants flying out of the back of a pickup truck with fluffy stuffed animals.

The game includes a level creator and access to "thousands of user-created levels," with many of the top entries taking snuggle trucking to the extreme. As a bonus, Android users can also download the uncensored original: Smuggle Truck.

You can check out a video from the game to your left. For more information on the latest Humble Bundle, check out As of this writing, the Humble Bundle Android #2 has raked in $532,619.54 from the sale of 83,128 bundles.

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