Microsoft: Xbox Live Entertainment App Usage Doubles Year-Over-Year

Microsoft announced that its entertainment offerings on Xbox Live are being used more by members than actual games. This must be delightful for Microsoft, who had always wanted to get in the set-top box market; it turns out that the Xbox 360 was the foot in that door. Microsoft did not offer any numbers to go along with this newest boast beyond this: Xbox Live Gold members spend an average of 84 hours a month on the service, and that entertainment app usage has doubled year-over-year. When it says "entertainment," this includes TV, music and movie services.

Microsoft is touting the popularity of entertainment offerings on its console because it has launched several new services including Comcast's Xfinity, HBO Go, and MLB content.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I see each year MS brags that people said the consumer couldn't be tricked into paying an extra gateway fee to play other people over the internet. I think they did a Live celebration and a video with that being said if I remember right and its so true. Why do people pay to play others over the internet?

    You're already paying to get on the internet why pay MS for the privilage? Yesterday I told my 3 360s and Kinects I bought for myself and children we just all don't see the point in having the system anymore. 

    Yeah Dance Central is hip and the wife loves it but it gets old and there are no real games out for it. 

    Most developers are not really supporting Kinect the way it was advertised (Think Milo) any major accessory if you don't include it on launch or make it optional developers are not going to risk low sales because they alienated a majority that do not have it.

    Think of the HDD for the 360. It was not required during launch and games up ME1 did not support the HDD which meant longer load times so they do not offend or leave out the Xbox Arcade bunch. Thankfully with NGE MS did the right thing by giving HDDs free to Arcade users since you needed a HDD after that update.

    So if the 360 wants to push Kinect they are going to have to push a good game(s) or give everyone a Kinect. 

    It's like the PS Move it's sweet but there is not enough developer support at all. Playing games with Move is sweet but where are the games? 

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