Rumor Mill: Sony’s New Console is a Nightmare for Consumers

Here we go again. Another "reliable source" – this time with inside knowledge on Sony's next console, offers some rumors that should upset a majority of the gaming public. According to the Kotaku report, the console commonly called "PlayStation 4" will be called "Orbis" and will have a system in place that restricts the use of used games on the new console. "Orbis" is likely a codename for PS4, but they did just name the latest hand-held "Vita," so I suppose such a name is possible (Orbis is a horrible name for a console system in my opinion).

Kotaku's source also claims that the system will not be able to play PS3 games and that the new system will be ready for launch in time for the holiday 2013 shopping season. The source also claims that "select developers" started receiving dev kits at the beginning of this year.

Games on the new system would be downloadable or on Blu-Ray discs and would be tied to a single account. Someone buying a used game would get a limited game experience (like a demo version of the game) that would require a fee to unlock fully. To add to the rumors of this machine that sounds like it is being manufactured in HELL by SATAN, players will have to always be logged into their PSN accounts in order to play games as well. Finally, it is rumored that the new console from Sony will have an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU.

So let's run through the check list (remember this is a rumor from an unnamed source, so don't get too upset):

1) No backwards compatibility.
2) A system that limits or blocks used games.
3) Always Connected system tied to your PSN account.
4) Horrible Name.
5) AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU.

So if this is all true (and I have my doubts), the new console is the most powerful anti-consumer gaming device ever created by Sony. I look forward to buying it in late 2013 or whenever it's released…

Source: GamesIndustry International

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  1. CyberSkull says:

    As I have said before, I was going to throw my money at Sony and get a PS3. Then they axed PS2 backwards compatibility off of the new models once and for all killing all interest I had in owning the system. After that later on I got a Wii and Xbox 360.

  2. axiomatic says:

    Dear Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch,

    Please start development for the (respectively) future Uncharted and Infamous games on other platforms PLEASE?

    PC preferably… XBOX if you have too…. devil

  3. Neeneko says:

    It actually does surprise me a bit since it was part of Sony's historial upgrade path.

    For me it will be a deal breaker… I was waiting for PS4 before upgrading since I assumed it would handle PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles and it would help me consolidate.  If it has no backward compatibility that significantly reduces the draw for me.

  4. GrimCW says:

    although "was good" applies to that.

    it didn't go sour until it was

    1. released WAY to early   2. was stripped of a ton of content that was promised (the original big battle grounds it was supposed to have.. i recal maybe getting into 1 or 2 before they were removed.. when they worked they were awesome, but when they didn't… it was hell trying to save your character from being bugged forever..) 3. that terrible combat overhaul and addition of levels ruining the "Fight anywhere with anyone" design that it was supposed to have, where the only limitation was your own ability to play.  and of course 4. the complete butchering of the in game market :/

    i mean if solo was willing to risk things against the empire for a mere 10k credits, why would a single mid range rifle cost over 2 million credits?! TBH though even ToR has a very out of the way economy..  jobs/missions pay way to much. at least its a quick lesson for people in how inflation works i suppose.

  5. tusharnene says:

    no backwards compatibility would be the least surprising to me – as i still have my PS2 sitting right next to my PS3.

  6. Bennett Beeny says:

    To all those opining that Sony couldn't do something that stupid, I have three words: Star Wars Galaxies.

  7. Neeneko says:

    Pretty much.  Right now the AMD brand is 'unsexy' and thus having specs that include AMD (or ATI) hardware is early proof it will be underpowered or 'lame'.  Geekdom is very image conscious. 

  8. SeanB says:

    No, it's just that in the past Sony has developed custom hardware, which has always given them an edge. Now, if they go with off the shelf parts, they'll be basically creating another PC knockoff console.

    Doesn't matter, the whole article is bullshit.

  9. MechaTama31 says:

    There could be a small burnable area on the disc where the console could record its ID if blank, and compare the number against its own if not.

  10. Mystakill says:

    Re: "I'm getting a lot more out of PC gaming these days anyways."

    As am I.  Between my Mac, my iDevices, and the ever-growing problem of "monetization" (i.e. Day-1 DLC, locked on-disc content, online passes, costumes, color palettes, etc.), I rarely spend any time or money on my consoles.

    While I can easily afford it, I'm principally dead-set against the aforementioned moves that the industry has been force-feeding its customers over the past several years.  And, for God's sake, I wish that industry spokesidiots would stop telling everyone that this is what customers are *asking for* — we're most definitely NOT!

  11. MaskedPixelante says:

    Unless they've got some fancy new tech they're holding back on telling us about, there's no real way to do what they're proposing without the internet. Either they'd need to add redeemable serials to the package, or associate a value with your PSN account. Both of those would require your account to talk back to the master server, which wouldn't work without internet.

    Internet is still a premium in most places, and I can't see a major company like Sony deliberately excluding a major part of the population just to spite Gamestop.

  12. Bennett Beeny says:

    Yeah, when a console named after urine can sell, then I don't see Sony having much of a problem selling one whose name might remind 13 year-old boys of breasts.

  13. Chris Kimberley says:

    "4) Horrible Name."

    Need I remind you of "Wii"?  Names don't have much effect on sales when there are only 3 names.

  14. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Seems the next generation of gaming is going to require a modded unit right off the bat sadly.

  15. Craig R. says:

    I'm hoping you're spot on about this, Masked.

    Because this checklist, for the most part, sounds like a great reason to stop buying consoles, as I've only owned PlayStations since the first one came out. I'm getting a lot more out of PC gaming these days anyways.

  16. MaskedPixelante says:

    There's no real way to restrict the playing of used games without using serials. And, until high speed internet becomes standard for EVERYONE in the regions these things come out in, serials and a mandatory persistent online connection makes absolutely no sense. Whoever came up with this is just trolling.

  17. GrimCW says:

    see, even the supposed PS4 like the X720 or whatever it'll be is looking into preventing used titles.


    as i said, its a bad move, but its a move they CAN and MAY pull off..

  18. Papa Midnight says:

    What Open Platforms are these? I hope you don't refer to STEAM because I can always disconnect from the net and still be able to play my STEAM games, sans anything from Ubisoft who I haven't purchased anything since this whole "Internet Connection Required" crap started. I'll be damned if I'm in an airport and want to play a game and have to decide between either not paying or spending $8 for an hour of internet connectivity on a highly unsecured wireless network (for which I'd only get about 1 hour of playability… if the Ubisoft server isn't down). Naaaaaaaaah.

  19. GoodRobotUs says:

    I'll say again…

    "This could be a good thing with regards to encouraging independents etc, but not good at all for companies like Sony…"

    I've not come across many Independent (As in Indy) PC games that require internet connection to play, other than Minecraft, and Notch doesn't mind if people start off by pirating his stuff, so it's kind of an exception to the rule.

  20. Truec says:

    Uh, how exactly does the processor/graphical hardware fit in with the rest of the anti-consumer doom and gloom scenario?

  21. State says:

    What, like the open platforms on a PC that require a constant connection to the internet to play games?

  22. GoodRobotUs says:

    I too find it a little too horrific to be true, but then I can never quite put anything past Sony.

    Eventually, as people get more tech-savvy as well as market-aware, creations along these lines will sell about as well as they deserve. I've never really been one for the PC vs Console argument, but stuff like this would probably push people towards to the more open platforms. This could be a good thing with regards to encouraging independents etc, but not good at all for companies like Sony…

  23. hellfire7885 says:

    The first three would just be handing sales to the ones who advertise that they DON'T do that.

    Seriously, if you can advertise that you don't need a constant net connection, and can play used games as well as your backup library, your composition fucked up badly.


    Like others said, that's assuming this is all real.

  24. ecco6t9 says:

    I'm okay with losing backwards compatibility but it's everything else that is a thumb to the eye of consumers everywhere.

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