SimCity to Require Constant Connection in Order to Play

If you were interested in EA's new SimCity game then you may want to rethink your plans to play it when it launches sometime in 2013. According to Joystiq, EA's city building game will require that you remain "always connected" with the game in order to play it. There was some concern that the game would only be available through Origin, but apparently you'll be able to pick it up from other sources. Unfortunately, you'll still have to play it and use Origin while doing it.

Lead designer Stone Librande told Joystiq that players need to be connected when playing because of the game's strong focus on multiplayer and the regional impact of players, as well as its use of a global economy.

Gamers wary of "always connected" gameplay hate it because game servers get congested or go offline, meaning that even when playing single-player you end up losing access to the game.

Source: Joystiq by way of Andrew Eisen, GoodRobotUs, and MaskedPixelante. SimCity image from Joystiq.

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    Algus says:

    See, making games into MMOs isn't even an excuse to me.  One of my fave games from a few years ago is Test Drive Unlimited.  Connected to the web its this awesome MMO racer where you can see other players, challenge them to races, find multipler events, etc.  Playing offline/without a connection? It's still an awesome solo game. 

    Games that sync their multiplayer and their singleplayer well and still work when offline put always-on games like this to shame.  

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    I considered the possibility as well to be honest, but I think the trick that more and more companies are trying to pull is to turn everything into a kind of MMOG.

    Take something like Anno 2070. I've been a massive fan of the Anno series for years, and when Ubisoft released the next edition I bought it almost on the day of release. Sadly, there's one big drawback to the game, whatever assets you have stored in your 'Ark' at the end of a Scenario (think Mothership type object) is transferrable from one map to the next, but that information is not stored on your computer, it's stored remotely, so if you do not or cannot connect, then you have no access to this or several other features.

    That would be all well and good if the Ubisoft servers could go for more than a week without going down for maintenance. Now I am expected to play the game I paid for based on a schedule set by the server rather than my own free time.

    That pretty much convinced me that it was sadly the last Anno I would buy, as well as the last Ubisoft game I would buy.

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    Craig R. says:

    Hmm. I wonder if Always On itself actually encourages some piracy?

    After all, if I was thinking about buying a game that had this POS DRM, I would probably look to see if some kind of crack existed to disable it. And odds are, if such a crack exists, it's just going to come 'packaged' with a copy of the game anyways, so why buy it at that point?

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    As I've said before, it was pretty much this exact same model that was used by Monte Cristo during the development of the City Life series, and it shut them down.

    It's a pity, because I was actually really looking forward to seeing a new Sim City game, after the awful Societies I was kind of hoping that EA had learned their lesson. Naive belief in retrospect.

    Sad truth is, unless we flat-out refuse to buy games that operate using this 'always connected' jugular which could be cut at any time (didn't EA close some of their servers recently?) they will continue to be made.

    I for one will now sadly not be buying the game, after owning City Life for 6 months but because of a password error, and no company to correct it, being unable to play it until the Franchise was bought by someone else, I really don't want to take that kind of risk again.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    My computer will never have Origin on it, so you're just throwing away a sale, EA.  How about instead of this bullshit, you put Crysis 2 on Steam so I can buy it?

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