SimCity to Require Constant Connection in Order to Play

If you were interested in EA's new SimCity game then you may want to rethink your plans to play it when it launches sometime in 2013. According to Joystiq, EA's city building game will require that you remain "always connected" with the game in order to play it. There was some concern that the game would only be available through Origin, but apparently you'll be able to pick it up from other sources. Unfortunately, you'll still have to play it and use Origin while doing it.

Lead designer Stone Librande told Joystiq that players need to be connected when playing because of the game's strong focus on multiplayer and the regional impact of players, as well as its use of a global economy.

Gamers wary of "always connected" gameplay hate it because game servers get congested or go offline, meaning that even when playing single-player you end up losing access to the game.

Source: Joystiq by way of Andrew Eisen, GoodRobotUs, and MaskedPixelante. SimCity image from Joystiq.

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