Child Molester Convicted Thanks to Victim’s Quick Thinking and Her DS

A 46-year old man from Ipswich, England has been convicted and sentenced to three and a half years in prison for molesting a ten-year old girl, who was smart enough to capture the act using the camera on her Nintendo DS. The man, John Fisher, admitted in court that he touched the girl inappropriately in January 2010 and November 2011. He really had no choice but to admit to the crime because photographic evidence was presented to the court proving Fisher's evil act.

Detective Constable Annabelle Bunn, the Suffolk police officer who worked on the case, said after the sentencing Tuesday, the girl's quick thinking gave police "indisputable proof of what had happened."

"She was brave enough to come forward and report the incident and give us a full and accurate account of what had gone on," Bunn said. "Although Fisher initially denied assaulting her, when confronted with the image he had no choice but to concede he had done exactly as she had reported."

The Ipswich Crown Court also ruled that Fisher is to be placed on the sex offender register "indefinitely."

Update: We removed the "offending comment" and now replace it with this one: May John Fisher get a pet as part of the "Pets for Prisoners" program. Since he likes touching things, perhaps a fluffy bunny. He can pretend no one saw him fondling its unmentionable parts… unless the bunny happens to own a DS. The earlier opinion expressed here were the author's and not the opinions of GP or the ECA).

Source: UPI by way of Andrew Eisen.

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    Kajex says:

    We still make jokes about dropping the soap. Many people are sent to prison for crimes they didn't commit, and many are sent for minor offenses as a result of "cracking down on drug users". Do people think about the times THEY dropped the soap?


    Because it's still funny to people. Yeah, I'm glad I sobered that joke up for some sensitive assholes, even though said assholes never give a thought about how sore some prisoners feel after.

    Point- some people need to lighten up.

  2. 0
    Mr.Tastix says:

    Thinking about someone in pain or the desire to hurt someone is actually apart of that disgusting thing people call "human nature". Every human does it, even subconsciously.

    Of course, the difference here is that what was probably supposed to be deadpan humour, doesn't come out particularly well on the internet.

  3. 0
    DorthLous says:

    I honestly don't get the joke. Wishing harm, suffering and such on another human being would be a red flag that the person might be unbalanced. Mind you, a good number of societies actually CONDEMN and can send you to jail if you do express a wish of harm upon another. To flat out spill that hatred in an ECA publication is just… wrong. Even the new, replaced text is of an especially poor taste.

    Again, I reiterate: I have a son and I'd do incredible things to protect him. I don't thing I'd ever feel at ease with that man anywhere near my kid, even if he was judged healed. But I still want him to heal, to turn away from those practices and to start contributing to society anew. The whole mindset of "he is evil, thus anything we want to do to him is legit" reeks of unethical trial on prisoners and other aberrations…

  4. 0
    Neeneko says:

    The line can be pretty hazy, esp since we have a pretty bloodthrist culture that is really in to figuring out who it is 'ok' to do horrible things with (since ethics is tied to WHO you do something to, not WHAT you do.. so people can get their evil on and still consider themselves moral upstanding citizens).

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    Hevach says:

    The US is pretty fond of prison humor, too, usually involving rape puns. The term "Pound-me-in-the-ass Prison" comes from an Americn movie, after all.

  6. 0
    Neeneko says:

    Generally 'inappropriate touching' stands in for things like groping through clothing, which while still bad falls short of the images people generally have for 'child molestation' and thus a few years instead of decades.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    The kind of inappropriate touching that will be awaiting him in prison is probably in the form of a sharpened spoon, that's why most child-abusers have to be kept in solitary. Even criminals have standards.

    Bit dissapointed by the 3.5 years, but I suppose without knowing what 'form' that assault took there's no real way of judging the punishment, and to be honest, I don't particularly want to know what form the offence took, it'd just make me angry.

    Major Kudos to the girl for having the presence of mind to collect evidence, but my never-ending sympathy that she lives in a world where she had to be prepared to do so.

  8. 0
    GoodRobotUs says:

    In honesty, I suspect you'll find that falls more into the realm of 'dark humour' than an actual real-life wish.

    That said, I'm from the UK and I know we have a somewhat acidic sense of humour compared to some other countries, so I suppose there's room for consideration that the comment may not be compatible with, or seen as a joke by every reader.

  9. 0
    DorthLous says:

    "We hope John Fisher has people in prison inappropriately touch him during his extended vacation behind bars."

    Really? How barbaric of a society are you wishing for? I certainly want this man out of the way, unable to harm society until a point where (if) he can be rehabilitated. In the meanwhile, let him do penance and be useful from beyond bars, there's plenty of ways to do that. But that comment from GP is just disgraceful.

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