Georgia Senate Approves Bill to Cap Video Game Industry Tax Credits

The Georgia Senate has voted to limit the amount of the 30 tax credits the video game industry gets to $25 million and to restrict the credit allowed to individual companies to a maximum of $5 million. Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers said that the change allows for funds to spread around to smaller outfits rather than being used up by bigger companies. The new cap is a compromise from the original bill which sought to eliminate the tax credit altogether.

The Made in Georgia logo you see on multiple television shows (FX Network's Archer comes to mind, for some reason) won't be as prominent on games made by the likes of EA, Activision, etc. Georgia's desire to limit or eliminate (as was first proposed) tax credits seems to fly in the face of trends to create more tax credits in the United States, Canada, the UK, and other parts of the world.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle by way of The Escapist

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