Comcast Removes ‘Private Network’ From Xfinity on Xbox Live FAQ

Comcast has dropped the term "Private Network" from the Xfinity On Demand on Xbox Live FAQ. The company did this after several sites – including VentureBeat (the source of this story) – called the company out on it. Comcast claimed that it used Xbox Live (which it described as "private network") to deliver its video content, but critics pointed out that the public internet and private networks are delivered over the same broadband infrastructure.

The cable operator's FAQ page originally explained that "since the content is being delivered over our private IP network and not the public Internet, it does not count against a customer’s bandwidth cap."

The FAQ now explains it this way: "The Xbox 360 running our XFINITY TV app essentially acts as an additional cable box for your existing cable service, and our data usage threshold does not apply."

Which brings us back to what many critics were upset about in the first place: Comcast is giving customers who use its service a break on the data usage. Prior to Comcast and NBC Universal merging, groups like Public Knowledge warned the FCC that Comcast would prioritize its video content over traffic. Sure enough, they have done exactly what their critics warned about.

Source: VentureBeat

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  1. 0
    ddrfr33k says:

    Unless M$ adds functionality to stream live tv through the 360, it's not a cable box.  It's still priority internet traffic, and I don't like it.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Comcast does have a point their own customers are using the 360 as a cable box.  Why should it count data for it's own service? Again this company is not charging On Demand Data for customers it would never charge using its own cable box. Seeing the 360 as an extension of Comcast Cable why would they do anything differently?

    Honestly this seems to me like a reward for their customers who simply do not want to rent a cable box anymore

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