Game Developers Offer Aid to Former THQ Employees via Twitter

Yesterday we reported that THQ would shift the focus of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online to an offline game, and as a result, would lay off 118 employees from its Relic and Vigil Games studios. While that was horrible news, developers have reached out to those displaced workers to offer them jobs in every corner of the country via Twitter. The Escapist has a great collection of all the job offers made so far (find that list here – thanks Andrew Eisen for the tip), but it all started with Kevin Dent, the game industry insider who has a lot to say about THQ – including several dire predictions about the company that came true.

Reaching out via Twitter, Kevin Dent told the former THQ employees:

"If any of your friends from the THQ layoffs are looking for work, have them ping me, I know a few pubs and studios looking for talent."

His tweet was followed by more from several companies including headhunter Michelle Gallego (he sometimes funds employees for Activision), BioWare Montreal level designer Gary Stewart, Epic Games CEO Mark Rein, Allen Murray from PopCap, Mike Henry from Twisted Pixel, Paradox producer Shams Jorjani, Insomniac Games, former Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling (who is working on something new and secret somewhere else), 3000 AD founder Derek Smart, and Stardock CEO Brad Wardell.

Commenting on all the tweets and the outpouring of support from fellow game developers, Dent said:

"Twitter is amazing, all of those people got laid off and the response is pretty awesome," Kevin Dent said later. " I literally don't know of any [other industry where this would happen]. It makes me feel really good to be lucky to be part of it."

We agree. Hit The Escapist for a rundown of all the tweets.

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