GAME Web Sites Back Online

UK video game retailer GAME has brought both GAME and Gamestation's UK websites back online after being shut down earlier this month right before it went into administration. Yesterday it was rumored that a consortium led by the Royal Bank of Scotland was working on a deal to get GAME out of administration by the month's end. Both and are both back up, with both sites offering a handful of deals on various new and used games. Both sites currently offer only limited functionality.

A report by GamesIndustry International indicates that RBS is not the only group still in the hunt for GAME: OpCapita is supposedly still looking at resurrecting the retailer like it did with UK electronics retailer chain Comet.

While it is not clear what is happening behind closed doors between GAME and its various suitors, something is afoot or it would not have brought its websites back online. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: GamesIndustry International by way of beemoh.

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