A Landslide Victory for President Obama… in Maple Story

If the 2012 presidential election were held today and inside Nexon's MMO Maple Story, President Barack Obama would get a second term. The results come from a web-based poll that was conducted by Nexon among its U.S. Maple Story players between March 23 – 26. 

Around 1,655 players participated in the survey. Of them, 791 said they would vote for President Obama (47.79 percent), 349 indicated they didn't know who any of the candidates were (20.85 percent), 235 picked Ron Paul (14.2 percent), 164 chose Mitt Romney (9.91 percent), 81 liked Rick Santorum (4.89 percent) and 39 went with Newt Gingrich (2.36 percent). 

Around 40 percent of the participants indentified themselves as women and 49 percent described themselves as politically independent. Around 34 percent identified themselves as being Democrats while 17 percent identified themselves as Republicans.

The biggest issue for Maple Story players was unemployment (40 percent), followed by the disparity between the rich and poor (28 percent), social issues (12 percent) and healthcare and terrorism (10 percent each).

"This poll was quite a learning experience for us and gave our players a chance to voice their opinions about topics outside the game they love," said Nexon America CEO, Daniel Kim. "Our players represent an important element of the electorate and these results should be interesting to anyone following what younger voters are thinking about and what is important to them."

While we think Mr. Kim might be giving this poll a little more importance than it deserves, it is interesting to see how MMO players view politics and issues. Still, 1,665 is a small sample of Maple Story's massive base of U.S. players, which Nexon puts at around 9 million.

Sources: Jerry Prochazka, [A]ListDaily, and Forbes.

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    BlindMaphisto says:

    If the Republican party wants a future where they actually attract young people they will have to drop the authoritarian war mongering and lean more towards Ron Paul and libertarianism.


    Just my opinion.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Lets go start a poll at the Democratic Underground and guess who would win. Game sites are sadly Liberal and do not understand any argument or belief other then their own. I come from the Militant Capital of the Democratic Party Chicago Illinois.

    Anyone who is not blind and willing to follow the local Government sees how wrong and corrupt this way of life is. They destroy our own city and surrounding towns and blame outside forces who have no control over the one party direction of the county. 

    It seems though there are more conservatives growing up just recently towns surrounding chicago are voting to secede of cook county. We finally have politicians saying we should kick Chicago out of IL. 


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