More Next-Gen Xbox Rumors

Another, day another rumor about the next Xbox console from Microsoft – and this one is a whopper. According to a new rumor at VG247, the next Xbox console system will use "always on DRM" and its disc format will be Blu-Ray disc based. 

Previous rumors about the system were that it would not contain a disc drive at all. What's interesting about the Blu-Ray disc rumor is how unlikely a possibility it is. After all, Sony owns the Blu-Ray format, and when Microsoft had the chance to adopt it last time the company supported the HD Disc format instead.

Some other details from this latest round of rumors:

– A Christmas 2013 release.

– The machine will have two GPUs. One source tells the publication that "It’s like two PCs taped together." They are described as the "equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs," but "not CrossFire or SLI."

– There will be "four or six" cores to the Xbox 720 CPU, one reserved for Kinect, and one for the OS.

– The next generation of Kinect will be built into the device as standard.

These latest rumors come from third-party developers, according to VG247.

Source: VG247

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