An Open Source Console Tracking Device Kickstarter

What started out as a PS3 hardware hacking project has turned into a full-fledged project looking for some Kickstarter funding magic. The technology is simply called an "open source tracking device," and is designed to tell you where your PS3 is by texting or emailing. The project is a little more complicated than that, of course, but that the basic premise.

The idea behind the project is to recover your console system if it gets nicked by a thief when you aren't at home. Here's the description from the Kickstarter page:

My project is an Open Source tracking device based on the Arduino platform.

A few years ago we had a bad ice storm here in Massachusetts and we lost power for several days. Well during the power outage my brother-in-law's house was robbed and one of the items stolen was my nephews' PS3. As is usually the case, none of the items were ever recovered.

I talked to a couple of law enforcement personnel and found out that gaming consoles were one of the most common things stolen from homes. That's when I came up with the idea to build a tracking device and place it inside a gaming console.

Check out the video to your left, a report from Mashable, to learn more about the project.

The project already has $9,518 of the $10,000 in funding it is looking for with 53 days to go.

Source: PS3 Hack Becomes Open Source Tracking Device Project (Mashable)

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