Report: Apple App Store Saw $5.41 Million in Daily Sales During January

According to data from a new market tracking app called VU Global (Distimo and CSS Insight), the Apple App Store enjoyed $5.41 million in daily sales throughout the month of January. The report breaks the figures down by iOS platforms: iPhone saw $3.34 million, while iPad saw $2.07 million in daily sales during the month of January.

"The strong growth in downloads and revenue for Apple and Android comes at a time when consumers typically rein back their spending after Christmas", said Paolo Pescatore, director of applications and content at CCS Insight.

Android saw a 34 percent rise in sales to $679,000 for Google Play. In February, this number climbed 73 percent for iPad and Android in-app purchases for the top 200 apps, and 79 percent for iPhone. Total iPad downloads were lower during February by 27 percent, or $250,000.

"We believe this is no more than a short term blip, but it clearly shows that many buyers of the new iPad already own an original iPad or an iPad2," said Pescatore.

Source: Develop

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