The Ron Paul: Road to Revolution Leads to The Federal Reserve

April 9, 2012 -

Presidential candidate Ron Paul probably won't get the Republican party nomination, but he will appear in at least two video games. I guess that's something... The two video games are Stardock's Political Machine 2012 and an odd platformer called Ron Paul: Road to Revolution. The game is described by creator Daniel Williams as a platformer where the Republican Texas Congressman travels the 50 states collecting gold coins and fighting bosses to unlock branches of the Federal Reserve. Think low budget Super Mario Bros. with a Libertarian message.

Politics aside, Ron Paul: Road to Revolution managed to get funded in one day on Kickstarter, and while the $5,000 in funding isn't quite as impressive when compared to the levels raised by Double Fine's $3 million+ for its adventure game, or InXile's millions raised for Wasteland 2, it's still a milestone for the game's creator, who also runs a pro-Ron Paul shop called that sells everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers extolling the virtues of libertarianism.

With just 33 backers, Ron Paul: Road to Revolution has managed to raise $5,199 of the $5,000 in funding it was asking for.

You can find out more about the project here.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.


Re: The Ron Paul: Road to Revolution Leads to The Federal ...

"Shut up and take my fiat currency!"

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