California Woman Sues Verizon over DSL Speeds

April 10, 2012 -

A California woman has filed a complaint in state court (Los Angeles) against Verizon, claiming that an upgrade to her DSL service she was talked into did not provide her with the speeds and service she was promised. Patricia Allen of Santa Monica filed the lawsuit on behalf of herself and other DSL customers "in California who are located a certain distance from a Verizon office." What does being a certain distance from a Verizon office have to do with it? When you are a DSL customer it's the difference between night and day.

Allen claims that a Verizon sales representative talked her into switching from a $24.99 DSL plan to a pricier $34.99 plan that was supposed to deliver internet speeds of 1.5 Mb per second. Allen says that her connection speed never hit the new speed, with her average speed after the upgrade being "half" of what was promised when she upgraded.

Allen claims that a Verizon technician later told her faster speeds were not possible because she lived two miles from the nearest Verizon service center. She also said that a rep from the company told her to downgrade because her line because could only accept speeds of up to 768k per second. DSL works better the closer you are to a service provider's service center; the closer you are, the faster your connection will be.

Eventually Allen asked Verizon for a refund. Apparently the company declined, and Allen decided to file a lawsuit. Allen's lawsuit claims breach of contract and a violation of California consumer protection laws.

"We believe the lawsuit is baseless and without merit," Verizon spokesman Rich Young told PaidContent.

You can read the entire lawsuit here.

Source: PaidContent


Re: California Woman Sues Verizon over DSL Speeds

Verizon does it again, ey?
(If you never saw this one, it is completely worth the 27 minutes)

Though, I do pity the American people who pay through their nose for a pittance.
I've got 100/100/100/100 with Ownit...
100Mbit up, 100Mbit down, 100% unlimited @ 100 SEK (~$14.74US) per month



Re: California Woman Sues Verizon over DSL Speeds

The teleco companies all do this.  They deliberately sell you services that they know you can't use or take full advantage of.  The only thing weird about this is that they didn't give her the refund.  You'd think they would, to keep the issue quiet and keep on overcharging the other 99.9% of people who don't notice and speak up.

Re: California Woman Sues Verizon over DSL Speeds

the sad thing is they will aether 1 pay her off and make it go away or 2 hold her up in Cort for years.



am dyslexic and have a learning disablement from when i died as a baby and sustained brain damage do to lack of oxygen pleas pardon my bad spelling and grammar-

Re: California Woman Sues Verizon over DSL Speeds

The more I hear stories like this, the more I facepalm at the telecom industry.

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