Take-Two CEO: THQ Won’t be Around in Six Months

Update: Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has issued a short statement to Game Informer apologizing for his comments about THQ:

"While discussing our strategy I spoke out of turn about someone else’s. It was inappropriate and I regret it."

Original Story: Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, threw some fiery rhetoric at THQ, saying that the company "won’t be around in six months." Zelnick made the comment during the MIT Business in Gaming conference. A representative for THQ was not at all pleased with Take-Two's top executive.

"THQ's strategy was licensed properties, first and foremost," Zelnick told an audience at the MIT Business in Gaming conference. "License stuff from other people, whether it's UFC or WWE or a motion picture property, and make a game around that. THQ has had some good games, but the quality hasn't measured up."

"[The] strategy didn't work and the execution was bad," he added. "To put it another way: the food was no good and the portions were small. THQ won't be around in six months."

A spokesperson for THQ has a short but blunt response to Zelnick:

"Mr. Zelnick's perception of THQ is out-dated and inaccurate. His comments are irresponsible and false. Perhaps he would be better off commenting on his own business."

THQ has been struggling in recent months after investing too much energy into its UDraw peripheral which did very well on the Wii but failed to gain popularity on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Since Christmas the company has had to make a number of strategic cuts to staff and game development projects. While the company is riding down a rough road, Zelnick's comments might be a bit premature. You can't perform an autopsy on something that's still alive.

Source: Joystiq by way of MCV. Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the update.

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