Greek Police Arrest GreekDDL Operator

On Monday Greek Police raided multiple locations in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki to arrest the operators of the popular BitTorrent site, GreekDDL. The popular file-sharing site has over 500,000 members according to authorities. While law enforcement initiated several raids, only one person was arrested: a 40-year-old woman who is allegedly one of the operators of the site. Police are looking to detain two other site admins, one of whom is reportedly being tracked with the help of Swedish authorities and Interpol. 

The site, which is hosted in the U.S. supposedly cost rightsholders $85.4 million (or 65 million euros). Another claim police are making is that GreekDDL generated substantial amounts of income off the site from advertising and from a special VIP section which users had to pay for.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

Source TorrentFreak

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