Square Enix Audio Launches for Japan

April 11, 2012 -

Adriasang reports that Square Enix has launched a free streaming music service that you can access with PC and Android devices. Though the site is intended for those who reside in Japan, you can get at it directly from your PC by visiting the streaming music website. Most of the site is in Japanese but there is a small bit of English as well - enough for just about anyone to figure out how to navigate around the site.

The Free Music service currently offers tracks from several popular Square Enix franchises including Xenogears, Drakengard, Final Fantasy XIII, Sengoku IXA, SaGA and El Shaddai (they published the soundtrack but not the game in Japan).

Source: Andriasang


Re: Square Enix Audio Launches for Japan

perhaps an international version is in the works...

I'd love to stream the old final fantasy soundtracks from a legitimate source.

Re: Square Enix Audio Launches for Japan

well, it's not working for me, not that I can tell why.

Re: Square Enix Audio Launches for Japan

It works so-so for me (keeps cutting songs, I think I just didn't set it up properly and it's only giving me some segments matching my requirements). Waterfox, latest version, Win 7 64-bits ultimate and an ok connection speed (ad-block plus is enabled, so that's not the issue.)

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