Capcom’s Better Business Bureau Rating Takes a Hit

After multiple complaints were filed by gamers who were upset over hidden DLC on the retail discs for Street Fighter x Tekken with the Better Business Bureau, Capcom's immaculate rating with the organization has taken a pretty dramatic hit. According to a CinemaBlend report, Capcom has gone from an "A+" rating to a "B." The hit is due to gamers complaining about the company's policy concerning on-disc DLC, which it has tried to defend in its official responses to the organization.

The uproar in this particular case has to do with 12 extra characters that will be made available this fall in the PS Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken. When gamers found out that these characters would be made available as DLC and that they were already on the discs they bought at retail, some players were outraged. To their way of thinking, Capcom was forcing them to buy content that was on a disc they already paid for – therefore it shouldn't cost them any additional money. Capcom says that it does this with its games for the sake of compatibility between those who buy the DLC and those who don't.

In the grand scheme of things we don't think having its BBB rating lowered hurts Capcom’s ability to sell games at retail, but it certainly tarnishes the company’s overall public reputation. It is, at the very least, a moral victory for those consumers that took the time to complain to the BBB.

Source: CinemaBlend

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