War 2 Glory Player’s Florida Road Trip for Sex Ends Badly

A 39-year-old women's road trip to allegedly have sex with an underage boy proved to be a dumb idea. The tale of the 16-year-old boy from Joppa, Florida and a 39-year-old woman from Maryland began with the two meeting up in the online game War 2 Glory, where the two enjoyed flying bombers together. Police allege that, as the two got to know each other better on Skype and the relationship between them morphed into something other than "squad mates," the women decided it was a good idea to drive 800 miles to meet the teen at a Southwest Florida hotel for sex.

After the teen told his parents that he was having a relationship with a 39-year-old woman, they contacted police. Apparently the teen told his parents that he planned on marrying the woman.

"Florida law enforcement authorities obtained a warrant for Lisa Carroll from Joppa charging her with nine counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and one count of traveling to meet a minor," said Greg Shipley of the Maryland State Police.

"The information developed during the investigation is that there is apparently, at least on their part, an engagement between the two. At least that's what they told investigators," added Shipley.

But the real twist of the story is that when police showed up to arrest Carroll at her apartment: they learned that she was married, and her husband learned of her alleged crimes and indiscretions as she was handcuffed and led away.

Interestingly, the legal age of consent in Maryland is 16, but in Florida it is a crime to have sex with someone 16 or 17-years old if you are over the age of 23.

Source: ABC 2 News

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