Classic Gaming Expo Dates and Locations

The organizers of Classic Gaming Expo announced today that the 2012 Classic Gaming Expo will be held August 11 – 12 at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show’s historic ties with Las Vegas, and the Plaza Hotel, made it the obvious choice to play host to this year’s convention, according to organizers.

“We were surprised to hear from many of our attendees and celebrity guests alike that they miss the old-school charm of the Las Vegas Downtown area,” said Joe Santulli, co-organizer of Classic Gaming Expo. “We have a lot of history with the Plaza Hotel as they hosted our show from 1999 through 2003. After seeing the work and improvements that they did during their remodeling, there was no question that it was time to bring the show home to the Plaza.”

The Classic Gaming Expo is the only annual event dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history of electronic entertainment. It brings together fans of classic gaming systems with industry pioneers, and the media. The event is in its 13th year.

"The excitement and response to this year’s show has been astounding," stated show founder, John Hardie. "One quick look at the list of vendors and celebrities on our web-site and you’ll see why 2012 is shaping up to be the greatest Classic Gaming Expo ever. In addition, our museum collection has grown immensely and will surely be one of the major highlights for every show attendee."

The Classic Gaming Expo is open to all ages. Information about registering the event can be found by visiting

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