Political Cowbells? There’s an App for That

The cheering at political rallies is pretty good, but you know what it needs more of? Cowbell. This is such an odd app for iOS devices that it at least deserves a mention here, even though it is not a game, nor does it have much use outside of providing information and making a lot of noise. The app is called Cowbell 2012, and its sole purpose is to give users the ability to ring a cowbell at a political rally or out in public. Here's more about it from its developers:

"Cowbell 2012 is the first and only political noisemaker app (yes, political cowbell!) incorporating a customizable bell for political events and candidate rallies. This playful app is designed to make noise in support of a political candidate but also allows users to stream the latest Democratic, Republican or Tea Party updates through a news and Twitter feed based on the users political preference. Perfect for the friendly political debate, the eager rally attendee, or someone who wants one uniform place to stream news and public opinion about their party!"

Cowbell 2012 is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and is currently available for download on the iPhone App Store. Find out more at www.cowbell2012.com.

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