Retake Mass Effect 3 Sees Few Refund Requests from Child’s Play Charity Drive

Despite being shut down prematurely by the charity it was raising funds for because, they said "people thought they were paying money to change the ending of Mass Effect 3," the Retake Mass Effect 3 Child's Play event was a rousing success. The protest charity drive managed to rake in over $80,000. Despite the assertions of Child's Play, who had asked the Retake people to pull the plug for the aforementioned reason, very few people asked for a refund. In other words, people knew where the money was going to – children.

"PayPal disputes are not uncommon – people have stolen cards, donate in error or a host of other things, and we are always happy to refund money," Child's Play Project Manager Jamie Dillion told Joystiq. "It does make it impossible, though, to pinpoint which refunds may have been from Retake Mass Effect and which are related to regular disputes."

"Essentially, there were a handful of people who requested their donation returned, which we did," she said. "The large majority of the funds were not returned and will be distributed to the hospitals as normal."

No matter what you think of the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement and the people who supported it, they did a lot of good for Child's Play. Ultimately they could have raised a lot more, and having the plug pulled on it seems like a big mistake. Had they been able to continue maybe they could raised thousands more for the charity.

Source: The Escapist

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