Shadowrun Returns Backers Reject Exclusive Content

I find this fascinating.  Having just crossed the million dollar mile marker, the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter was just updated to say that if it reaches $1.5 million, developer Harebrained Schemes will build a special mission exclusive to backers as a thank you.  A thoughtful gesture for sure but the comments show that backers are overwhelmingly against the idea.

"I'd rather everyone have access to these missions… I didnt back this game for exclusives i backed to get a game that I know i will enjoy and nothing else." -Brian Bleach

"This game should be whole and complete for anyone cool enough to purchase it. Just because they couldn't commit the money right now to the creation of the project doesn't mean they don't deserve to have the amazing tie-in shadowrun when it goes live!" -Jerry Gundry

"I'm all for extra bonus content, but not too keen on the exclusivity. I don't need to see other people deprived of something to enjoy it myself." -Luke DeVries

"As a backer I can say I'm not very interested in "Backer Only" content. Feels like that "Exclusive DLC" thing that stores like Gamestop and Amazon do. I really feel that goes against the reasons I play games. If you're going to make something extra in the game, make it available to everyone. No one likes to feel left out and I don't think gaming is the venue where I need to feel like I'm being favored by the developer." -Carl Albright

"Like many other people I am all for the additional mission, but I think it'd be best if it wasn't backer exclusive. I'm sure there are thousands of die-hard Shadowrun fans out there who WOULD donate, but just don't know about this yet. It'd be unfortunate that they miss out because of circumstance." -Andrew Harvey

You know, sometimes I just love the gamer community.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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