The Escapist’s Blankety Blank Panel at PAX East 2012

If you weren't at PAX EAST in Boston then you missed out on some great panels. One of the wildest was The Escapist's Blankety-Blank panel, which recreated the classic TV game show Match game using a PAX East audience and a clever group of panelist to create a game-related version of the show. If you are not familiar with the show (Game Show Network still runs re-runs, if you ever want to see the real thing), the host selects audience members to pick an answer to a question which the panelists must then match (they select their answers first). 

The original show could get a little blue (by 1970's television standards) but The Escapist's panelist turn it up ten-fold with some surprisingly saucy answers to questions like "PAX East is a great place to meet new friends. But, if you stay out late, be sure to remember to wash your _________!" or "Lots of people think that game tester is the worst job you can have in game development, but it's not. The worst job is actually the guy that has to ___________."

Panelists included Kyle Orland of Ars Technica, Russ Pitts from Polygon (formerly VOX Games), Kathleen DeVere and Graham Stark from LoadingReadyRun, Activision's Dan Amrich, and MovieBob.

You can check out the eight clips on The Escapist

WARNING: may contain humor and language that might be considered NSFW. 

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