Disney Fantasy Cruises Get High Tech Game Technology

If you are taking your family on a Disney Fantasy Cruise any time soon, you may be happy to hear that video games are an important part of the cruise's entertainment offerings. The interactive entertainment offerings are in two brand new $1 billion ships sailing the Caribbean: the Disney Magic and the Disney Fantasy. 

Both ships feature the latest technology and exclusive video game experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. While there are lots of unique interactive entertainment offerings on the ships, there are also game experiences like Goofy’s Sports Simulator (a game where passengers use real sports items to play sports with Goofy and other Disney characters), and video games have been heavily integrated into just about every aspect of both ships’ kids areas – the Oceaneer’s Lab and Oceaneer’s Club.

These areas feature unique games, along with PC games from Disney Interactive and other game companies. The main attraction of both sections is what Disney calls the "Magic Play Floor," which lets up to 32 players take part in a dozen or so games designed to take place on 16 giant HD screens built into the floor.

Forbes has a lengthy article about Disney's two new cruise ships here. The article offers a handful of interviews with the designers of these entertainment properties, as well as a look inside the various games you can play.

Source: Forbes

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