Report: $10 Million Given to Kickstarter Game Projects Since March

According to an analysis by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, more than $10 million has been pledged to various game-related projects through crowdfunding site Kickstarter since the beginning of March. In the month of March, a total of $6,977,432 in funding has been successfully collected by game projects as well. The $10 million figure does include some projects that have not finished their funding cycle at this time, so that's something to keep in mind, but it's still a pretty impressive number.

It also should be pointed out that around 85 percent of that number comes from only five game projects. By now you probably can guess what they are. That list includes Double Fine's adventure game project and Wasteland 2…

The author of the article also points out that, because of the navigation of the site (which is admittedly lackluster), this figure is probably an under-estimation. Finally, the article points out that gaming has been pretty good for Kickstarter, who collected five percent of that figure. They estimate it at $500,000.

You can check out the article here. While Kickstarter probably won't replace traditional publishing options any time soon, the crowdfunding model seems to work very well for some game projects. At the very least it provides game developers with an additional path to follow when they want to fund a game idea that is "outside the box."

Source: RPS

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