Report: Apple, Proview in Talks to Settle iPad Legal Battle

April 20, 2012 -

According to a GigaOM report Apple and Chinese company Proview Technology may soon resolve their ongoing legal battle over the use of the "iPad" name in the region. A report surfaced today that the two combatants have agree to meet for negotiations outside of court to talk about possible solutions to the fight.  Analysts believe that a generous settlement from Apple will put the matter to bed but the company has been resistant to that idea because they claim they already licensed the name from Proview's Taiwanese subsidiary. The last settlement offer put forward by Proview was $400 million.

Proview is in deep financial trouble, with creditors looking to collect on the debt they owe as quickly as possible. The best thing the company could do at this point is to settle with Apple for a fee less than what they were looking for the last time they floated a number.

Apple would do well to put the matter to bed too because it is losing money in the very profitable region: the latest high definition iPad is not available in China yet because of the legal battle...

We'll let you know if these two companies finally come to some sort of amicable agreement.

Source: GigaOM


Re: Report: Apple, Proview in Talks to Settle iPad Legal Battle

Nooooo!  Grief for Apple is like manna for my withered soul!

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