Shadowrun Returns Creators Find Solution for ‘Controversial’ Kickstarter Reward

Last Week Harebrained Schemes announced that if it hit a funding milestone of $1.5 million in its Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Returns, it would create special content that would tie story from the new game into the SNES and Sega Shadowrun games. This content, the company said would be exclusive to backers.

But many backers responded to this news by telling the company that it would be a bad idea because it would exclude regular consumers when the game is released. Being that backers (who have invested real money into this project) want the game to be a success and to be the best product that it can be, excluding a class of consumers rubbed them the wrong way.

The good news is that Harebrained Schemes has listened and has come up with a solution that makes backers feel special while not excluding future customers. Here is what the company said in a recent update to its Kickstarter page:

"Last week we announced that if our funding hit $1.5m, we’ll create a special story, just for backers, that connects the plots in the SNES and Sega Shadowrun games. It’s our way of saying thank you for all your support. Your reaction was immediate, passionate, and inspiring.

It seems like everyone is really excited about the mission (we are too!), but an overwhelming number of you don’t want that the mission to be exclusive for backers. You want everyone who loves Shadowrun to be able to experience it.

That’s awesome.

Your generosity of spirit and your support for people who aren’t (yet, we hope) involved in this Kickstarter really says something important about the Shadowrun Community and we’re proud to be a part of it. But we still want to say “thank you” to everyone supporting the project and putting their faith in us.

So here’s what we’re going to do: If we’re lucky enough to get to $1.5m, we’ll create that story and make it available only to backers but for an exclusive period of time. Then, we’ll open it up so that everyone can see how the dots between Jake and Harlequin are connected.

Everybody plays. Everybody wins. Everybody calls DocWagon."

The company goes on to say that it is working with some partners to create an online community hub for Shadowrun fans. This will not use any of the money raised for the game. You can learn more about that here.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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