New Service Rates Facebook Apps’ Privacy and Tracking Policies

A new service by research firm PrivacyChoice rates the privacy and tracking policies of various Facebook apps. The service, launched this weekend with ratings on over 200 Facebook productivity, sharing and game apps. The top score an app can get is a 100.

That score can be diminished by an app doing certain things to its user like failing to respect a user's deletion request, sharing data with a large amount of partners, storing consumer data for long periods of time, and more.

According to PrivacyChoice, 140 tracking firms "routinely" collect information about users of the top Facebook apps. These firms can use that data to create profiles on individual browsing behavior across multiple web pages to created targeted ads.

Some examples: CityVille scored a 76, Texas HoldEm Poker scored an 87, FarmVille, scored an 82, CastleVille scored a 76, Angry Birds scored an abysmal 65, and Words With Friends scored a 79. Scoring a 90 – 100 marks the app as "most protective," while scoring an 80 – 89 is described as a "use with caution" app, and a 70 or below designates the app as "least protective."

Source: USA Today

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