Report: Forty Percent of Freemium Players Spend Money on In-Game Upgrades

According to the latest data from research firm NPD Group, an estimated 40 percent who have played a "freemium" game that offers an upgrade option in-game have spent the money to buy the "full game." The data comes from NPD Group's "Insights into the Freemium Games Market report." The report uses data from 6,000 individuals it surveyed including both children and adults. The report notes that women and girls are more likely to play freemium games than men, but are less likely to spend money on these types of games.

The NPD Group notes that approximately 38 percent of the U.S. population is playing some form of freemium gaming, which we will assume is divided amongst various platforms including Facebook, the Web, massively multiplayer online games, and iOS and Android devices. The majority of those players who decide to pay for in-game upgrades do so within the first month of playing a particular game title, according to NPD.

Because of this fact, NPD says that it is important for developers to include features in their games that drive quick conversion to pay for players.

NPD Group also says that only 15 percent of gamers who are aware of freemium games choose not to play them, while 84 percent of gamers who try freemium gaming stick with it. While females are more likely to continue playing a freemium game after an initial test drive, males aged 13 to 34 are most likely to abandon freemium gaming entirely after trying it.

Source: Gamasutra

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