Video Game Law, 2nd Edition Released

Video Game Law, 2nd Edition is now available, for those interested in the new book that delves into the various legal issues that the videogame industry faces on a regular basis. The book was written by Jon Festinger, Q.C., Chris Metcalfe & Roch and Ripley, and published by LexisNexis Canada.

The $80, 300-page paperback covers the overlap amongst various issues including intellectual property law, freedom of speech issues, defamation, privacy issues, best practices for licensing, employment issues, and more.

Further examples of the topics covered in this book includes case law concerning "unauthorized modifications to games," case law on the "correlation between violent behavior and violent video games," and standard forms for End User License Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

Clearly this book is not meant for consumers, but consumers that read it will certainly get an idea of why game companies do the things they do from a legal standpoint.

Find out more about the book here.

“Legal Concept” art provided by Shutterstock.

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