ITC Judge Rules That Xbox 360 Infringes on Motorola Mobility Patents

April 24, 2012 -

An International Trade Commission (ITC) judge has ruled that Microsoft violated several patents held by Motorola Mobility when it made its Xbox 360 console. ITC Judge David Shaw said that Microsoft infringed on four of five patents that Motorola filed on its complaint - International Trade Commission, No. 337-752. The patents in the complaint include technology like wireless connections to the Internet and video compression to speed up transmission of data, amongst others.

Motorola Mobility has asked the ITC to bar importation of the infringing devices into the United States. The full commission will review Judge David Shaw's decision and issue a final ruling sometime in August.

Microsoft issued a statement saying that it will ultimately prevail in the case:

"We remain confident the commission will ultimately rule in Microsoft's favor," a company spokesperson told Reuters in an emailed statement.

Motorola Mobility said it was pleased with the decision by the judge: "Microsoft continues to infringe Motorola Mobility's patent portfolio, and we remain confident in our position," the company said in a statement. "We look forward to the full commission's ruling in August."

Source: Reuters


Re: ITC Judge Rules That Xbox 360 Infringes on Motorola ...

Just more reason to move manufacturing back into the US.  Harder for your competitors to go to the ITC and getting them to keep your from shipping your overseas produced product back into the US.

Re: ITC Judge Rules That Xbox 360 Infringes on Motorola ...

By those definitions, every electronic device produced in the last ten years violates those patents.  But that's exactly what Motorola is counting on I suppose.

Re: ITC Judge Rules That Xbox 360 Infringes on Motorola ...

Prime example of why patent reform is needed.  Patent trolls gonna troll.

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