Man Convicted of Stabbing His Wife Over PS3 Addicition

Twenty-one-year-old Aymen Korbi of Wallington, England, was convicted in Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday for stabbing his wife. The charges stem from a November 2011 domestic dispute which ended with Korbi stabbing his 21-year-old wife Aida in the back with a shard of glass from a broken mirror. During the trial she told the court that she had packed a bag and intended to leave with their 18-month-old daughter, but Korbi attacked her before she could leave the residence. She said he broke her cell phone, smashed a bedroom mirror and attacked her with a shard of glass. The incident followed an argument the night before about the amount of time that Korbi spent playing his PlayStation 3.

Korbi was later apprehended in a nearby park, covered in blood. He admitted to officers that he had stabbed his wife, but when the case went to court he changed his story and denied the crime, according to police. The couple's relationship was described as "stormy," and the latest incident happened after a fresh round of reconciliation. Aida Korbi told the court her frustration with her husband's video game fixation was an indication that she "couldn't take the arguments anymore."

Source: UPI

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