The Man Your Games Could Sell To

April 24, 2012 -

Andrew Eisen's latest video is a sequel of sorts to his popular "Nintendo: Why Won't You Let Me Give You My Money?" video,  though this time we find him shirtless, with a kitten, and on a beach.

I will also go out on a limb here and call it the funniest video he's ever made. Enjoy! 


Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

Its really sad to see all the flack the "I'm on a whore." line is getting over at Kotaku. Too many people are focusing on that rather than the overall message. 

Still a great video.

Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

I'm not feeling that sorry for him. He chose comedy as the format for his message and he made a bad joke. If the message was important enough that he didn't want it mired in a debate about his comedy, he should have chosen a different format or made a better joke. Not to mention that the issue of how society treats women is perhaps slightly more important than what games Nintendo chooses to sell in North America.

Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

I don't feel sorry for me either.  The vast, vast, vast majority of my video's viewers think it's hilarious!


Andrew Eisen

Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

If the majority think it's hilarious, that makes the joke acceptable? Not buying it.

Nice production work though. That must have taken quite a while to set up.

Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

"...that makes the joke acceptable?"

Only to those who think it's funny.  To those few who are offended by the use of the word "whore" no matter the context or intent, it doesn't matter how many people are cool with it, it will never be acceptable to them.  And that's totally okay.

Thanks, by the way.  I worked hard on that video for over two months and I'm very proud of how it turned out.  There are some things I wish I could have done better (mainly audio and visual stuff) but I don't think I could have hoped for it to turn out better than it did with my budget and resources.

I have a behind-the-scenes thing going on my blog if you're interested in that sort of thing.  I'll be updating it over the next week so if there's anything specific you want to know about, just leave a comment!


Andrew Eisen

Re: The Man Your Games Could Sell To

That was sheer genius!laugh

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