Community Action for Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

A new "community action" on the BioWare forums suggest that Mass Effect 3 players upset about the game's ending and wanting the best out of the upcoming "Ending DLC" should "Turn it On / Turn it off For BioWare" (thanks to Blue's News). The way the campaign will work is described as follows:

"We will turn ON our single player game on April 28th, during a pre-defined period to show EA/BioWare the number of passionate fans who love the series and who will continue to buy their products IF the DLC provides a satisfactory ending. We will then turn OFF our game on April 29th, and refuse to play for a pre-defined time period to give EA/BioWare a clear idea of the potential loss of custom and support they will suffer if the DLC is NOT satisfying."

Doing this, they say, will give "EA and BioWare immediate feedback on the importance of the Ending DLC, so they can allocate sufficient resources to make a quality product."

While some of the people involved in the "Reclaim Mass Effect 3" movement are involved in this public display, the organizers note that they don't necessarily speak for everyone in that group…

The movement has a Facebook page and further details can be found at Hold The Line. There is also a video about the community action to your left.

Source: Blue's News

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