Community Action for Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

A new "community action" on the BioWare forums suggest that Mass Effect 3 players upset about the game's ending and wanting the best out of the upcoming "Ending DLC" should "Turn it On / Turn it off For BioWare" (thanks to Blue's News). The way the campaign will work is described as follows:

"We will turn ON our single player game on April 28th, during a pre-defined period to show EA/BioWare the number of passionate fans who love the series and who will continue to buy their products IF the DLC provides a satisfactory ending. We will then turn OFF our game on April 29th, and refuse to play for a pre-defined time period to give EA/BioWare a clear idea of the potential loss of custom and support they will suffer if the DLC is NOT satisfying."

Doing this, they say, will give "EA and BioWare immediate feedback on the importance of the Ending DLC, so they can allocate sufficient resources to make a quality product."

While some of the people involved in the "Reclaim Mass Effect 3" movement are involved in this public display, the organizers note that they don't necessarily speak for everyone in that group…

The movement has a Facebook page and further details can be found at Hold The Line. There is also a video about the community action to your left.

Source: Blue's News

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I know everybody loved it.  That just made it all the worse, because I could be certain that ME3 would be just as bad (if not further dumbed-down into GoW territory).

    Maybe I'm just weird, but I liked having an actual inventory.  I liked having a functional map.  I liked having a wide variety of skills to allot points into and customize my character.  I liked driving the Mako around.  I liked having weapons limited by heat rather than ammo.  In short, I loved Mass Effect as it was.  I sunk hundreds of hours into over a dozen playthroughs.  ME2 was so awful, I couldn't finish it even once, and I haven't even bothered buying 3.  With the drastic changes they made to the gameplay, I don't see why they didn't just make a whole new franchise based on the dumbed-down mechanics.  I'm mad about it to this day, because Mass Effect was so great.

    Also, planet scanning.  WTF…  Because that's way less tedious and boring than driving the Mako supposedly was, AMIRITE? 😉

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    silversnowfox says:

    Not a statistically significant amount of people.  I was creeping around during ME2 launch, and didn't encounter anyone who didn't like it.  Anyone.  Not to say that people who don't like it are Unicorns or Dragons buy any stretch but as I said, Not Statistically Significant.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I'm pretty sure they really did mean "custom" as in people buying things.  It's neither a typo nor awkwardly phrased, although I'll grant that it is archaic.  It's only awkwardly phrased if it's a typo, in which case "the potential loss of customer support they will suffer" doesn't make much sense.  "The potential loss of custom and support", however, makes perfect sense.

    Either way, god, what a bunch of whiners.  Where was all this angst and drama when we actually needed it?  Back when Bioware actually ruined the franchise by targeting Mass Effect 2 at the Gears of War audience instead of the people who actually liked Mass Effect's gameplay.

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    black manta says:

    No, it's what nightstalker said: a typo.  The word "custom" in that context is hardly ever used these days in modern discourse.  And I doubt that's what the author of the statement had in mind.  No, it's either a typo or awkwardly phrased.  Either way, it speaks to the level of mentality of the people behind this movement.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    All I'm saying is, holding up three examples of artists who have caved to pressure is not a very compelling argument for why these artists must do the same.

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    silversnowfox says:

    Ah, artistic integrity.  Very well then, paint your horrible pictures, write your horrible books, film you bad movies, and make your very horribly bad games.  Enjoy the life of the starving artist.   They are a business.  Bottom line.  While Bioware may have been founded on 'lets make money, so that we can make great games' they are now owned by EA so its now 'lets make games, so that we can make lots of money'.  As a result, paying customers are allowed to do whatever they want to try to get what they want.

    If they don't get what they want, then they are free to refuse to buy the product.  Its that simple.  Its how I live.  Its how everyone should live.

    PS: Yes I support this.  Yes I am apart of this.  Yes EA and Bioware are currently on my 'not buying from you' list.  And yes, I stick to that list.  I don't say I'm not going to buy and then cave.  It undercuts everything.  Thank you, and good night.

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    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    "I'm sorry, but Bioware did not make this game to satisfy YOU"

    Not ME as a specific individual.  But I'm pretty 100% dead certain that they intended to satisfy ME in the sense of being part of their target audience.  Or do they have so much "artistic integrity" that they didn't take their fanbase's aesthetics into account whatsoever, and crafted a game entirely based on nothing at all but pure unadultered artistic vision?  We're not talking about Un Chien Andalou, we're talking on the level of Star Trek Generations.  "Artistic integrity" covers Justin Beiber as well as Led Zeppelin, sadly.  Although I will say this action seems banal and a little churlish.

    On an unrelated note, that "custom" thing might depend on who wrote it.  It might sound archaic to some people but here in the UK it's reasonably common to say that when talking about commerce.


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    Rohin says:

    'Should be "Customer support."'

    What? No, look at the sentence: "…a clear idea of the potential loss of custom and support they will suffer…"

    Custom: people buying something

    Support: people showing a positive attitude towards something in a constructive manner

    So, if the company doesn't do that, they will lose custom (sales) and support (people's goodwill).

    Also, 'customer support' could mean the support of the customer, or it could mean the company's support of the customer (ie. taking calls from customers to help overcome issues with bugs, etc.). This is ambiguous. 'Custom and support' is not, however.

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    black manta says:

    Okay, stuff like this is making it REALLY difficult for me to respect the fans who are complaining about this whole thing.  Turning on the game for 24 hours and then turning it off will accomplish…what exactly?  And that quote had the air of entitlement: "The DLC had BETTER give us the ending we want, or else!"

    I'm sorry, but Bioware did not make this game to satisfy YOU.  It is THEIR story, to tell how THEY want!  You had some choices to affect how certain things worked out in the game, but ultimately, it had to end.  And everything that happened in the game was leading you up to that point.  You were along for the ride.  If you don't like it, shove off, and find another game series!

    I'm predicting what will happen when this DLC is released is that all the re-takers and such will just collectively fold their arms and pout and go, "Hmph!  Well, at least it's better than nothing!"  and then go and sulk for a few weeks.

    And I hate to be a grammar nazi, but that statement isn't even grammatically correct.  "Custom and support?"  What's that?  Should be "Customer support."

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    nighstalker160 says:

    Whine, whine whine. You know what people, if you want to be sure games ONLY give you the endings you want…MAKE OUR OWN DAMN GAME! Or write fan fiction or something. Get over it. Yes I understand you didn't like the ending, I wasn't a huge fan myself, but seriously folks.

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