MTV Launches Fantasy Election ’12 Social Game

MTV has revamped and fine-tuned its "get out the vote" campaign (Rock The Vote) with a gamification scheme that will feature several parts including a viral online campaign and a game that mixes fantasy football gameplay with 2012 election year politics. The gaming part of the equation is called Fantasy Election '12, and will give those who sign up to it "points" for registering to vote, watching debates, and publicly supporting candidates who do not engage in shady campaign financing or mudslinging. 

Fantasy Election '12 is described as an online social game where players build virtual teams of candidates and compete against other players from around the country. Players have the ability draft any candidate running for the President, or a seat in the Senate or the House of Representatives.

Ultimately, the goal of the game and the new version of the "Rock the Vote" campaign is to get young people age 18+ to register to vote. MTV has faced criticism in the past from conservative and conservative-leaning groups over the years for its "Rock The Vote" campaigns, with many in those circles claiming that MTV is in the tank for Democrats.

We'll leave that argument to the partisans.

To learn more about MTV's latest get-out-the-vote campaign, check out

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