Operation KickStart: Florida National Guard Uses Gamification to Help Unemployed Soldiers

The Florida National Guard has found a novel way of helping its state's unemployed soldiers work in the private sector: a program called Operation KickStart. The program uses gamification techniques to educate and teach participants in a game-like social platform environment. It also provides them with support through mentors and coaches that can teach them the best practices for starting a new career and being successful at it.

The Operation KickStart site notes that the program is geared towards younger soldiers who may have grown up playing video games and using technology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan had an unemployment rate of 11.6 percent in August 2011, compared with the national unemployment average of 8.3 percent. In 2011 the annual rate among veterans was about 12.1 percent. You can drill into that data here.

You can learn more about Operation KickStart by visiting kickstartfl.org.

Source: Gamasutra

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