Adam Sessler Exits G4

Adam Sessler officially exited stage right at G4TV, according to a Kotaku report, and while the split seems to be less than amicable, Sessler's representatives are playing down any tensions that might possibly exist between the long-time network host and the network. The last episode of X-Play featuring Sessler aired on April 25. Sessler had been the face of X-Play since its launch and a regular lead anchor on the network's coverage of various events from Comic-Con and GDC to DICE and E3.

Sessler hosted the show, which started out as ZDTV’s GameSpot TV in July 1998, and he also served as Editor In Chief of games content at G4.

Moving forward, Sessler will appear next in the 2012 gamer-geared film “noobz” – set for release this summer. He is also doing some consulting work with movie studios to help them bring games to the big screen. Kotaku says that he plans to stay in front of the camera and connected with the games industry, but how he'll do that is unknown at this time.

Sessler offered a thank-you to his friends and fans via Twitter yesterday:

“Thank you to everyone with your exceedingly kind wishes and thoughts. I think I’ll finally take a nap….,” he tweeted.

Adam Sessler is a class act and we wish him the best, whatever he does and wherever he goes.

Source: Forbes

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    hatofawesome says:

    Sesler was probably the only reason I watched G4. He knows his stuff. He has defeated Jack Thompson in debates, he knows how games work and should work, he understands the flaws of certain companies and knows his ins and outs in alot of different games. If he really is going to work on film adaptation of games, there may be hope yet for hollywood to finally bring us good game movies!

  2. 0
    black manta says:

    And with him goes the last shred of credibility G4 ever had.

    Hm.  I wonder if maybe he'll need people to work at his new production company?

  3. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    When they had a car show that was like 1% cars and around 99% of a guy calling himself "Big C" ogling women, yeah, it was only a matter of time.


    All that's left is the E3 coverage, but one can find other sources for that.

  4. 0
    ddrfr33k says:

    It was only a matter of time.  After they got rid of Robot Wars, Spy School, turned The Screen Savers into the atrocity that is Attack of the Show, I don't blame Sess for leaving.  Nowadays, it's about as trashy as SpikeTV with even less respect/reputation.

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