Saudi Boy’s Grandfather Blasts Media Over PS3 Murder Story

Earlier this week we reported on a story about a 4-year old Saudi boy who allegedly killed his father because he didn't buy him a PlayStation 3. Today the boy's grandfather slammed the Saudi Arabian press for reporting a story that he says are simply "baseless rumors."

A new report out of Saudi Arabia from Arabian Business – citing local paper the Saudi Gazette – quotes the grandfather of the boy Al-Fifi who is very upset with all the media reports. He calls the shooting "an accident" and the three-year-old (another aspect of the story they apparently got wrong) boy innocent.

“These are baseless rumours; news that doesn’t have a shred of truth,” Al-Fifi said of media reporting on the shooting. “My grandchild is an innocent kid who doesn’t know the concept of death. He was the favourite child of his late father. What happened was just an accident. Period.”

Al-Fifi went on to say that the three-year old may have mistaken his father’s pistol for a toy gun. The report goes on to say that the victim, Mufrah Al-Fifi, was discovered by his three wives and that police are investigating the incident still. The shooting took place in Saudi Arabia's southern Jizan area.

Apparently the media just couldn't resist a story involving a child shooting an adult and somehow tying it to video games. Chances are when all the smoke clears, this will prove to be a very tragic story about a child playing with a gun and accidentally discharging it.

Source: Arabian Business

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    hatofawesome says:

    The media can be pretty darn cruel. Trying to make a 4 year old child look like a cold blooded killer. These incidents happen all the time everywhere, a child finds a gun, thinks its a toy and shoots it at someone. This isn't an uncommon story so it pisses me off even more that they tried to state the kid was crazy and wanted a videogame. What the press will do for ratings.


    Does this mean that Jack Thompson is now in Saudi Arabia?

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    Mr. Expendable says:

    Yeah, it is sound more reasonable that this is accident. Especially when his father leave a loaded gun in place that children can access to.

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